Summary of January 14th and 15th Board of Regents Meeting

Over the past two years during the development of the Every Student Succeeds Act Plan, a great deal of discussion has been dedicated to the goal of establishing more culturally responsive environments in schools across the state.  The January 2019 Board of Regents meeting began with a presentation by members of the Cultural Responsiveness Advisory Committee who have been working on a plan of action since they first convened in early 2018.

Presenters shared thoughts and experiences as they relate to their efforts toward implementing more culturally responsive learning environments.  The presentation included a summary of the committee’s work to date, goals for the future, a plan for sharing resources with the field, and a timeline for potential implementation.

Key components of the plan include the need to:

-Establish a clear and consistent definition of what a culturally responsive learning environment looks like.

-Build on and replicate best practices being carried out in various pockets across the state

-Provide adequate resources for professional learning and incorporation of sustainable practices among all stakeholders including students, teachers, parents, school leaders, district leaders, higher education, and NYSED staff.

-Next year, as part of the ESSA accountability framework, schools will be required to conduct a School Climate Survey.  Additionally, district professional learning plans will be required to include staff training in the area of cultural responsiveness.  The link below includes a summary of the key areas discussed during the presentation.  Several slides contain information that could be useful in guiding future conversations with staff, students and community members.

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The Board of Regents approved an amendment updating the current regulations related to the security of personally identifiable information (PII) of students and APPR data of teachers and principals. The amendment clarifies new requirements for educational agencies and third party contractors to ensure the security and privacy of protected information. 

Developed through the work of the Chief Privacy Officer and the Data Privacy Council, the amendment:

-Outlines data security and privacy obligations of schools and third party contractors

-Requires districts to provide data security and privacy training to all employees who handle personal data

-Requires districts to appoint a data protection officer to oversee data security.

Following a 60 day comment period, it is anticipated that the proposed rule will be permanently adopted at the May 2019 meeting to become effective July 1. 2019.  The link below provides more specific information on the components of the amendment and a tentative timeline for implementation.

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In July 2016, the Board of Regents adopted provisions for substitute teachers who do not have teaching certification to teach beyond the 40 day limit in circumstances where there is urgent need.  Due to the ongoing teacher shortage, at the May 2018 meeting an amendment was proposed to extend the provision through June 2020.  Several Board of Regents members, however, raised concerns that with the current provision, there are no minimum qualifications for uncertified substitutes.  The proposal was tabled so that districts and BOCES could be surveyed to gather more information during the summer on the scope of the issue.

Using feedback collected from the surveys, a revised amendment was presented at the meeting.  The revision proposes that uncertified substitute teachers now be required to either hold at least an associate’s degree or be pursuing certification and completing course work at a rate of at least six credit hours per semester.  However, if a qualified candidate is not available after a good faith search, a non-qualified candidate may be hired and allowed to work no more than 90 days in a school year.  More specific information on the proposed guidelines is included in the link below.

The amendment was adopted as an emergency rule effective February 4, 2019.  Following the 60 day comment period, it is anticipated that the amendment will be presented for full adoption at the May 2019 Board of Regents meeting.

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As part of the meeting’s consent agenda, the Board formally adopted the guidelines and criteria for participation in the Principal Preparation Project’s Regional P-20 Pilots.  As a result of the recommendations put forward by the Principal Preparation Project Task Force, NYSED has committed federal funding to provide professional learning opportunities and improved support for aspiring principals.  The grant program will support pilot partnerships between public school districts, colleges and universities, and organizations that provide effective leadership training. The goal of the pilot is to support the growth of a statewide network of partnerships that will improve principal preparation.

Participation in the grant requires that applicants:

-Be a school district that is currently low achieving and demonstrates a high level of student need.

-Include a college or university partner that has a registered graduate program in school leadership.

-Include a leadership partner that may include local BOCES, organizations that represent school leaders in collective bargaining, or centers/organizations with a record of accomplishment in providing leadership development.

The link below provides more detailed information on the specific application requirements.

Link Here


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2019 Regents Meeting Dates

  • March 11 – 12 (Monday and Tuesday)
  • April 8 – 9 (Monday and Tuesday)
  • May 6 – 7 (Monday and Tuesday)
  • June 3 – 4 (Monday and Tuesday)
  • July 15 – 16 (Monday and Tuesday)
  • August (Recess)
  • September 9 – 10 (Monday and Tuesday)
  • October 7 – 8 (Monday and Tuesday)
  • November 4 – 5 (Monday and Tuesday)
  • December 9 – 10 (Monday and Tuesday)


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