The Council of Administrators & Supervisors (CAS) is the largest professional organization of practicing public school administrators & supervisors on Long Island with nearly 1500 active members.  For over 50 years, CAS has vigorously protected the legal rights and served the professional interests of school leaders across Long Island in both Nassau and Suffolk counties. CAS is an association of over 75 independent and self-governing local school district bargaining units and is governed by an executive board which meets monthly to provide oversight and direction. The executive board is instrumental in designing timely and appropriate personal and professional development opportunities as well as other special events for members. Each year, CAS members meet to honor outstanding administrators, recognize CAS Scholarship recipients, and commemorate the contributions of our recent retirees at two delegate assembly meetings. All members are welcome to attend our workshops at no cost and to attend our delegate assemblies at a nominal fee.

To negotiate fair and equitable administrative contracts and provide immediate personal services to our members, we maintain a comprehensive legal office in Hauppauge just off the Long Island Expressway with two experienced full-time attorneys and an office manager.  All CAS members have direct access to our attorneys via telephone, email, and personal consultations. Because we are a local organization, the attorneys are no more than an hour away from our Long Island districts and are available to represent our members on short notice.

As a member of CAS, you are also a member of the Empire State Supervisors and Administrators Association (ESSAA), our state-wide umbrella organization with more than 3,500 members. ESSAA representatives meet regularly with the Commissioner of Education, the Regents, and the legislators to bring the concerns of our members to these elected and appointed public officials.

Please take a moment to explore the CAS website to find out more about our organization.



Albert H. Voorneveld
CAS President


Please read CAS’ brochure on the Value of Union Membership.  It contains crucial and timely information about major legal developments affecting all public employees.