We now have an Assembly sponsor for our tenured administrators and supervisors bills.

Assemblyman Peter Abbate sponsored bill A8108 which relates to tenured administrator and supervisors who move from one district to another to serve a three year probationary period instead of four.  This bill will be on the Assembly Education committee agenda soon.  It is incumbent upon each member to send the following email to the members of the Assembly Education Committee.  We need 1400 emails if we want this to happen.

Honorable Catherine Nolan,

The education legislation of 2015 granted a three year probationary period to tenured teachers who more from one school district to another.  Since the legislation did not specifically identify administrators and supervisors they have not been included.

Bill A8108 rectifies this.  I urge you vote this bill to the full Assembly for a vote since it establishes Administrator & Supervisors’ equity with the teachers.

Thank you for your consideration.

Your Name

Send same email to each Education Committee Member:

Assemblywoman Catherine Nolan, Chair of the Education Committee
Email: NolanC@nyassembly.gov

The following are members of the committee:

Carman E. Arroyo
Email:  ArroyoC@nyassembly.gov

Michael Benedetto
Email:  benedettom@nyassembly.gov

Anthony Brindisi
Email:  brindisia@nyassembly.gov

Steve Englebright
Email:  EngleS@nyassembly.gov

Al Graf
Email:  grafa@nyassembly.gov

Earlene Hooper
Email:  hoopere@nyassembly.gov

Ellen Jaffee
Email:  JaffeeE@nyassembly.gov

Ron Kim
Email:  kimR@nyassembly.gov

Peter Lawrence
Email:  lawrencep@nyassembly.gov

Barbara Lifton
Email:  LiftonB@nyassembly.gov

Peter D. Lopez
Email:  LopezP@nyassembly.gov

William B. Magnarelli8
Email:  MagnarW@nyassembly.gov

Shelly Mayer
Email:  MayerS@nyassembly.gov

David G. McDonough
Email: mcdonough@nyassembly.gov

Steven F. McLauglin
Email:  mclaughlins@nyassembly.gov

Michael Miller
Email:  MillerMG@nyassembly.gov

Walter T. Mosley
Email:  MosleyW@nyassembly.gov

Dean Murray
Email:  murrayd@nyassembly.gov

Daniel J. O’Donnell
Email:  OdonnellD@nyassembly.gov

Steven Otis
Email:  OtisS@nyassembly.gov

Amy Paulin
Email:  PaulinA@nyassembly.gov

Edward P. Ra
Email:  Rae@nyassembly.gov

Phil Ramos
Email:  ramosp@nyassembly.gov

Linda B. Rosenthal
Email:  RosentL@nyassembly.gov

Sean Ryan
Email:  RyanS@nyassembly.gov

Rebecca A. Seawright
Email:  SeawrightR@nyassembly.gov

Fred W. Thiele, Jr.
Email:  ThieleF@nyassembly.gov

Matthew Titone
Email:  TitoneM@nyassembly.gov

Michele R. Titus
Email:  TitusM@nyassembly.gov

Mary Beth Walsh
Email:  walshm@nyassembly.gov

Thank you,

Anthony C. Laurino
CAS Legislative Liaison