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Guest Speaker:  Angelica Infante, New York State Associate Commissioner for Bi-Lingual Education and World Language. 

   This September, New York school districts will be mandated to implement the new Part 154 bi-lingual regulations. The regulations are one more unfunded mandate for our under funded school districts to adopt and implement. It will have significant impact on many school districts here on Long Island.  

   Ms. Infante will present an overview of the regulations and answer questions. Many districts on Long Island will be required to make major changes in the use of facilities, programs, and staffing as result of part 154. Including as a side bar to the regulations is a request that seniority laws be amended to protect the staff hired under the regulations from any excessing. CAS remains opposed to this request and has actively campaigned against the proposed change. We believe our efforts have resonated with many in the Legislature and that such a change to our seniority system appears unlikely. 

   I know the administrators and supervisors on Long Island want to provide the best education possible for every student.  With school budgets stretched so thin and the Governor holding the education budget hostage, we are left with a great burden. 

   If you have questions for Ms. Infante regarding the implementation of the new regulations, please forward them to CAS by March 5th to  We will review the questions and consolidate duplicates. 

   This conference is open to all a

Date:  Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Time:  4:30 to 6:30 p.m.

Place:  Holiday Inn, 215 Sunnyside Blvd., Plainview

Speaker:  Angelica Infante 

   Please register so that we have adequate space available and fax to 631-761-5454 or email to


              Name: ________________________________


              District: ________________________________


              Title: __________________________________


              Phone No: ___________  Email: ____________


Look forward to seeing you there.


Anthony C. Laurino
CAS President


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