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The 2017-2018 budget was agreed upon this weekend.  This budget, as previous budgets, included non-budget policy items.  This was one of the issues, but not the only one, that held up an agreement.  Senator John DeFrancisco has suggested the legislature move on a constitution amendment.  Senator DeFrancisco is from the Syracuse area.  Members from that area should phone, email, and/or fax the Senator.  A Constitutional Convention will add millions to the budget while taking funds from other categories such as education.  Legislators have left Albany for a two week vacation.

Education Budget Highlights:

  • Foundation aid increase of $700 million, for a total school aid increase roughly $1.1 billion;
  • Extends contracts for excellence until all schools with the district are in “good standing”;
  • Requires the chancellor of NYC to notify students about the opportunity to attend a specialized high school;
  • Non-public schools- Allows non-publics to access smart school bond funding for connectivity projects, provides grants for STEM teachers, provides reimbursements for state mandated immunizations;
  • Charter schools- Increases facilities funding for schools in NYC and provides a supplemental tuition;
  • Pre-kindergarten- Allows parents of pre-kindergarten programs to serve on community district education councils in New York City, consolidates five of the six programs into a single program over multiple years, requires districts to adopt quality indicators, requires SED to adopt a new tuition methodology for pre-school special education integrated classes;
  • Allows districts to enter into ten year contracts for educating Native American children;
  • Increases the threshold for school districts to purchase food from farm collectives directly from $25K to $50K;

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