CAS Honors 2013 Retirees 

On May 7, 2013, the Council of Administrators and Supervisors honored retirees form the Commack, Freeport, Lindenhurst, Smithtown and Syosset Schools at the Spring Delegate Assembly held at the Plainview Holiday Inn. We are proud of their accomplishments and long service to children and wish them all of the very best life has to offer them in retirement.

Commack Retirement 2013:


Retiree Bruce Leon with his wife Geri and the Commack Administrators

Freeport Retirement 2013:


Freeport Administrators President, Paula Lein with retiree Peggy Miller, CAS President, Tony Laurino and Freeport Administrators Vice President, Susan Greca

Lindenhurst Retirement 2013:


Lindenhurst Administrators Vice President, Dr. Barbara Donnellan with CAS President, Tony Laurino and retiree Christine Nagle

Smithtown Retirement 2013:


Smithtown Administrators President, Ireen Westrack with retiree John Nocero and CAS President, Tony Laurino

Smithtown Retirement 2013:


Retiree John Nocero with his wife Cindy and the Smithtown Administrators

Syosset Retirement 2013:


Retirees Patricia Varrone and Mary Tabone with the Syosset Administrators

Syosset Retirement 2013:


CAS President, Tony Laurino with Syosset retirees Patricia Varrone and Mary Tabone and James Kassebaum, President of the Syosset Administrators