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Dear CAS Member,

As we navigate these uncharted waters and the myriad challenges created by the Coronavirus pandemic, I want to take a moment to both thank and commend you for your exemplary service to our school communities throughout this unprecedented national calamity. For the past two weeks, public school administrators have all worked to assist the teachers, students, and parents within their school districts to cope with COVID-19. Many members doing so while also addressing the needs of their own children and family while isolated at home.

In times like this, good people are challenged to help others in the best way that they can, and our CAS members are no exception! Some of our members are first responders, and some of our members are volunteering to dispense meals to needy children or distributing laptop computers to students without technology in their homes. Many of these concerned members have stepped up for the good of their communities and placed the needs of others above their own. Whether you have been on an extended break preparing for the eventual return of students and the incorporation of a digital learning environment or working remotely from home each day supervising staff or delivering digital content to your students, know that we in the Council of Administrators and Supervisors are proud of all of your extraordinary efforts to get through this crisis.

As I hear more stories of the selflessness, skill, and generosity of our members, it makes me very proud to know and work with all of you! With all of us continuing to work together, we will successfully defeat this virus and return to our former personal and professional lives in a relatively short time. Meanwhile, please stay safe and take care of yourselves and your families!

With all my thanks and best wishes,


Skip Voorneveld

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