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On Wednesday, January 19, Ed Kemnitzer, Director of Technology, Innovation, and Information Services for the East Williston School District presented another well-received CAS CTLE Workshop entitled “Evolving Digital Leadership and Security: Tech Tools to Leverage Tomorrow and Considerations for Cybersecurity” on Zoom.

This was another information-packed CAS workshop that provided the participants with practical suggestions on how to manage data, correspondence, and social media more effectively. In particular, he demonstrated many approaches to quickly build local technology capacity and enhance the timing and confidentiality of critical communications and files. Moving fast, he explained several effective ways to maximize time when you have it by employing valuable and often overlooked aspects of the Google and Outlook email platforms that can improve and organize communication with parents.

Participants learned cutting-edge instructional tools and a dazzling array of student and staff-friendly ways to expand communication and collaboration with parents, students, and staff. Participants also had an opportunity to add several creative digital leadership tools to their arsenals like the One-Stop Hyperdoc, QR codes, Free IFTTT (If That Then This) Applets, New York Times Articles to Pocket, Tweet Deck, and administrative team chats through Voxer and mote.

During an interactive portion of the workshop, the participants had an opportunity to reflect on their practices and share them with other school leaders from both counties. The workshop was concluded with helpful suggestions for enhancing cyber security, streamlining calendar entries, and cataloging parent conferences to communicate more personally and effectively. All of the participants left with practical tools and powerful apps to improve workflow and develop a digital world that works for them while simultaneously making life a little easier.

If you were unable to attend the workshop, you might find the entire presentation and all of the websites and apps discussed in the seminar found here at


Upcoming CAS CTLE Workshops: 

Workshop Title: DASA: Responsibilities and Strategies for Success and Safety

Presenter: Anthony Baxter, Assistant Principal, Sleepy Hollow High School, Tarrytown, NY

Date and Time: Tuesday, February 15, 2022, from 4:30 pm – 6:00 pm

CAS is a certified NYSED Continuing Teacher Leader Education (CTLE) sponsor, and successful participants earned two (2) hours of CTLE professional development credit applicable toward the hours needed for continuing certification.

Upcoming CAS CTLE Workshops are scheduled throughout the school year and communicated through email and the website.

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