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CAS Attorneys Mike Starvaggi and Brad Stuhler presented an informative CAS Contract Negotiations Workshop for local unit leaders who will soon embark on contract negotiations for their local CAS unit. The two-hour workshop, conducted via Zoom on Tuesday, March 2 at 4:00 pm, centered on educating Administrator Negotiation Teams and CAS Unit Presidents of contract negotiations strategies. The virtual workshop provided the participants’ opportunities to share ideas and network with colleagues in other administrative units in Nassau and Suffolk Counties.  During this interactive experience, Mike and Brad detailed suggestions for structuring negotiation teams and collecting the appropriate data before initiating  contract negotiations. They also focused on the benefits of thoughtfully timing contract negotiations, developing realistic expectations, gathering relevant data, and understanding what procedures to expect during the process. Items of concern included understanding the difference between formal negotiations and informal negotiations, the impact of the 2% Tax Cap, and the fears generated by the instructional and structural modifications caused by the COVID pandemic. The workshop also touched on the legal aspects and significant restrictions related to the Taylor Law and the Triborough Amendment. Each topic presented generated discussions that helped the participants understand the potential impact on their negotiations. Brad and Mike provided practical guidance, best practice examples, and common-sense strategies for successful negotiations. The large number of enthusiastic participants attending reflected local concerns related to state aid and Federal assistance to local communities. Consequently, several units planned for individual follow-up with their CAS attorney.

Upcoming CAS CTLE Workshops: 

Workshop Title: Meeting Magic: Strategies to Engage and Empower your Staff

Presenter: A.J. Juliani, national speaker, author, and Director of Learning and Innovation at Centennial School District

Date and Time: Wednesday, March 24, 2021, from 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm

Although this was not a professional development training workshop, CAS is a certified NYSED Continuing Teacher Leader Education (CTLE) sponsor and successful participants earned two (2) hours of CTLE professional development credit applicable toward the hours needed for continuing certification.

Upcoming CAS CTLE Workshops are scheduled throughout the school year and communicated through email and the website.

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