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On Tuesday, March 29, 2022, Carin Winter, the founder and CEO of Mission Be, Mindful Education, presented a CAS CTLE Workshop entitled Taking Care of You to Take Care of Them” on Zoom.

The last two years have presented educators and administrators with a myriad of challenges. During this workshop, participants were involved in an immersive mindfulness experience to feel the impact mindful practices can have. Carin walked attendees through several stretches, breathing, and illustrative strategies that they could incorporate into their daily practice to help alleviate some stress. Participants were engaged throughout the presentation. By the end of the workshop, the attendees were provided with specific ways for being intentional when training the brain to return to the present moment, improve memory, and increase focus.

The workshop concluded with steps the participants could utilize during their staff meetings. Derek R. and Paula M. from Patchogue Medford felt that “going through the exercises were helpful. [We] can see starting a meeting or an AP class with mindful practices to help reduce stress.” The workshop also provided suggestions for participants to use the techniques as a way of building a culture of compassion, kindness, and empathy. In the end, Carin’s goal was to ensure that everyone walked away with ways to help themselves, staff, and students self-regulate and not “waiting for Friday to relax but taking one-minute breaths to reset the nervous system” as a way to a longer life. Jeanine C. from Bellmore shared that mindful practices can “make all the difference in the day.”

Carin Winter is the founder and CEO of Mission Be, Mindful Education and has successfully led the organization to bring mindfulness rooted in social emotional learning to thousands of adults and children. She has been studying the work of mindfulness for over 20 years and is a talented meditation teacher, gifted speaker, and visionary. Carin was a school social worker in the Islip Public School District, a clinical therapist, and holds a LMSW with a clinical background and 15 years of experience working with youth in schools, foster care, and the juvenile justice system.

If you were unable to attend the workshop and would like more information, please contact

CAS is a certified NYSED Continuing Teacher Leader Education (CTLE) sponsor, and successful participants earned two (2) hours of CTLE professional development credit applicable toward the hours needed for continuing certification.

Upcoming CAS CTLE Workshops are scheduled throughout the school year and communicated through email and the website.



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