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Dear Members,
Please see the information below regarding the public comment period for the proposed amendments to the Commissioner’s Regulations regarding Strengthening Data Privacy and Security in NY State Educational Agencies to Protect Personally Identifiable Information. We encourage you to provide input to NYSED on this issue.
Proposed Part 121 Public Comment Period
Please be aware, the updated draft of Part 121 Regulations related to NYS Education Law 2-d are now available for public comment. Public comment will be open for a period of 45 days, closing on September 14, 2019. Once the comment period is complete, the NY State Education Department will review all comments and determine whether any changes are necessary to the proposed regulations. Should it be determined that no substantial modifications are required to the draft regulations, they will proceed to the Board of Regents for adoption in one of their subsequent meetings. Should substantial modifications be required, an additional public feedback period may be required. Any school district, individual, consortium, etc. who may have feedback pertaining to the newly published regulations is encouraged to submit a comment.
The draft Part 121 Regulations can be found at:
Comments on the draft regulations should be directed to:
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