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Four days remain to election day and the Constitutional Convention vote.  Review your contact list to assure you have encouraged your family, friends and community to vote NO on Proposition #1.

If the voters elect to have a Constitutional Convention special interest groups will spend an inordinate amount of money to have their delegates elected in November 2018.  Mike Fabricante, vice president of the Professional Staff Congress (PSC) said, “Many people both on Wall Street and off see pensions as a weight on their purse and those folks will fill, or their money will fill, the convention.”

The families we serve appreciate our dedication.  However, a growing number feel they pay too much in school taxes.  Special interest groups would have delegates elected to the CON CON for the purpose of:

                           –Changing or eliminating the Triborough Amendment

                           –Reduce our pensions

We have to get out the NO vote!

THE VOTE IS TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 7TH.  The CON CON is Proposition #1 on the BACK of the ballot.

Let’s get out the NO vote!

Thank you,
Tony Laurino
Legislative Liaison

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