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There are six days left before election day, November 7th.  Have you urged your family, friends, and community leaders to vote NO for Proposition #1.  Money from outside the state is urging a Yes vote for personal gains.  According to a Sienna College poll released in September 45 percent of the registered voters are in favor of a CON CON, 33 percent are opposed and 22 percent are undecided.  It is imperative that we spread the word to vote NO.

At Stake:

            -Future pensions could be reduced.

            -Retirees living on their pension could have their pension reduced.

            -Collective bargaining could be eliminated.

We need the 22 percent undecided to vote NO.  Don’t be the person who opens the paper on November 8th and discovers we HAVE A CON CON because you didn’t contact people.


THE VOTE IS TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 7TH.  The CON CON is Proposition #1 on the BACK of the ballot.

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