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The 2015 education legislation granted tenured teachers who move from one school district to another the right to serve a three year probation instead of four years.   Administrators and supervisors were not included in this legislation. For the past year we have been lobbying for equity.  Last week the Senate passed our bill 60-0.  The bill has been sent to the Assembly where it is being sponsored by Assemblyman Peter Abbate (Bill A-8108).

Please send the following email to your Assemblyperson:

Honorable ____________:

The education legislation of 2015 provided a three year probation period for tenured teachers who move from one school district to another.  The bill did not include administrators and supervisors.  Assemblyperson Peter Abbate’s bill A-8108 rectified the inequity.  I urge you to vote for this bill when it comes before the assembly.


Reminder to Members:

Your PAC donations afford us greater opportunities to meet with legislators and discuss our education agenda.  Please give serious consideration to contribute when you receive PAC information in August.

Thank you,

Anthony C. Laurino
CAS Legislative Liaison

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