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The Assembly introduced legislation (A10569) which allows districts not compliant with the present APPR legislation to operate without the loss of aid increases.

The NYSSBA endorses this legislation since it allows them greater bargaining power when negotiating APPR. We anticipate that if this bill is signed into law some school districts would like to begin to tie APPR to contract negotiations. Ironically, while tied into state aid school districts have feverishly asserted that APPR negotiations should always be separate from contract negotiations.

This issue has been brought to the floor of the Senate without a resolution to date. With time running out on the 2016 session, negotiations are still underway on control of New York City schools, ethics, lead testing for water, fantasy sports, opioid addiction, and health care transportation.

CAS is discussing with Senators the Assembly’s legislation decoupling APPR from aid increases. If not drafted carefully such legislation could possible give school districts an undo advantage in both contract and APPR negotiations.

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