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Every two years a new legislature is elected to represent the people of New York State.  Legislation not passed in the previous two years must be resubmitted and assigned a new bill number.  Currently, our lobbyist, Bob Ungar is meeting with legislators from the Assembly and Senate on a bill that is at the heart of our legislative program.

New York Health Care for All – This bill would replace New York’s current system of health care for all municipal employees.  A mandatory new payroll tax on employers and employees and new taxes on other income, such as interest and capital gains, would finance this single-payer system. Your right to negotiate the conditions and changes in your health insurance plan with your district would be replaced with a one size fits all health plan.

Last year we submitted a Memorandum in Opposition to each of the 213 legislators in New York State.  Bob Ungar and I met with the Education Chairs in the Assembly and Senate.  Last year we were able to suppress this bill in both the Assembly and Senate, but we must continue working with the legislators to ensure this bill is defeated again.

The stakes are high.  We need every member of CAS to donate $50 a year to our CAS/PAC program.  If you are not currently contributing you can complete the CAS PAC DUES DEDUCTION FORM and submit it to your central office. You can also donate via PayPal on the CAS website at




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