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Political Action Committee 

Dear Colleague,

Your CAS/PAC donation was extremely helpful in defeating the “Solutions not Suspension” bill.  There is a growing number of legislators who believe suspending a student is not the answer to promoting positive learning experiences.  This bill (S-1040) would have delayed the ability of an administrator from suspending a student for days or even weeks beyond the offense.  Among the list of offenses that are not suspendable is “willful disobedience” to a staff member.  The bill does not suggest alternatives to suspension.

Late at night on June 8th Bob Ungar called from outside the Senate Chamber to report that after very controversial debate the bill was defeated in large measure to your CAS legislative team.

It was defeated for this year only but it will be back next year.  Our legislative team needs the assistance of every CAS member.  We need you to donate $50 a year to our CAS/PAC.  This is less than $2 a paycheck.  Please follow the instructions below to donate.

You can make your $50 donation by completing a CAS PAC DUES DEDUCTION FORM and submit it to your central office. You can also donate via PayPal on the CAS website at

Enjoy your vacation,



Anthony C. Laurino, Legislative Liaison

1300 Veterans Highway, Suite 330, Hauppauge, NY  11788

631-761-5451  Fax: 631-761-5454

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