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Your CAS legislative team led by Bob Ungar, our lobbyist in Albany, had a very successful year!

Though the legislative session continues, we want you to know the following:

Legislation CAS supported and passed by both Houses and sent to the Governor for her signature:

Repealed APPR – The Senate and Assembly sent a bill to the Governor torepeal APPR. This legislation authorizes each school district to establish evaluation guidelines for Teachers and Principals. Your legislative team has been working for years with legislators for the repeal of APPR. 

“Hold Harmless” Foundation Aid – Governor Hochul’s original budget adjusted the formula for school aid funding by reducing aid to some districts. Both the Senate and House passed legislation to restore the “Hold Harmless” provisions, guaranteeing each school district will receive at least the same aid as the year before. Many CAS districts would have lost millions of dollars if the Governor’s original budget passed. 

Legislation CAS successfully opposed:

New York Health Care for All – This legislation would have negated the health insurance plan you negotiated with your district. You would have been required to enroll in the New York Health plan with all 19 million residents of New York State. 

“Restorative Practices” not Suspension – Once again the suspension bill was strongly pushed by proponents. Fortunately, we lobbied successfully against it, and it remains a one house bill.

The success we had this year is the culmination of working with the same legislators for years. We don’t always agree with each other, but open, truthful, dialogue ensures a healthy government. Some of the legislators who have been our most ardent supporters are up for re-election this year. They are being opposed by candidates who believe that suspension is anti-education, and the New York Health for All Act will be less expensive than what is on the open market. 


We are hoping you will encourage your members to each donate $50 to CAS/PAC. Only 2% of our members donate to CAS/PAC. Over 70% of our units DID NOT HAVE ONE PERSON DONATE TO CAS/PAC.

WE DO NOT DONATE TO ANY PARTICULAR PARTY OR FACTION! We donate to legislators who listen to our concerns and are willing to work with us to support public education.

You can donate today by either completing the attached CAS/PAC Payroll Deduction form and submit it to your central office, or you can donate via PayPal on the CAS website at DONATE TO CAS/PAC, or send a check to our office made out to CAS/PAC, 1300 Veterans Highway, Suite 330, Hauppauge, NY, 11788

Please discuss this with your members at your last meeting for the year and/or send them an email urging them to donate $50 each to CAS/PAC.

Best wishes for a happy and rewarding summer vacation with your family and friends!

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