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A number of special interest groups are promoting a Constitutional Convention (Con-Con). If one comes about the amendments they will push will cost money.  Where will the money come from?  A significant amount could be purchased at your expense.  Proponents of a con-con are promoting campaign finance, restructuring the judiciary, legalizing marijuana, pro-abortion, con abortion, gun rights, and restructuring the state legislature.  These groups will work together to produce a yes vote on November 7, 2017.

They are counting on a yes vote and using your tax dollars for their programs.  If we have a yes vote it could mean:

  1. Eliminating or restricting our right to organize and bargain collectively.
  1. Amending the pension laws for past and future retirees.
  1. Change or eliminate the Triborough Amendment.
  1. Enact an even more stringent Tax Cap.
  1. School vouchers and/or state aid to religious schools could affect public education.

The cost of a convention will be upward of 300 million dollars of taxpayers’ money.  Each delegate to the convention would receive a minimum of $80,000.   Each delegate will hire a staff.  Another expense.

Changes to the Constitution, if needed, can be changed through the normal process.  This would be accomplished by the passage of the amendment(s) through two session of the legislature and approval by the voters in a November election.  This mechanism for change does not take tax dollars from the budget.

Make sure your family and friends understand that the high jacking of our values is at stake.  Encourage your family and friends to vote NO.


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