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Summary of January 22nd and 23rd Board of Regents Meeting

·         The January 2018 Board of Regents meeting began with an update of the approval/review process of New York’s Every Student Succeeds Act(ESSA) plan by the Department of     Education (USDE).  Commissioner Elia informed the Board that on January 16, 2018, New York’s proposed plan was formally approved by USDE.

The Commissioner explained that after the initial submission of the proposal in September, the USDE requested clarification on several components.  NYSED made revisions based on the feedback received and resubmitted the application on January 3, 2018.

The link below provides detailed information to the specific revisions which included:

1.       Reclassifying several accountability measures (Slide 10)

2.       How middle level Regents Examination scores are factored into the Performance Index (slide 11)

3.       Revision of the College, Career and Civic Readiness Index to include students who take Alternative Assessments (slide 12)

4.       Revision of the method for identifying Schools in Need of Targeted Support (Slide 13)

5.       Establishing end-goals for Chronic Absenteeism and the College, Career and Civic Readiness Index (Slide 15)

6.       Revision of goals for facilities serving neglected and delinquent youth (Slide 16)

Also included in the proposal were three waiver requests from the ESSA provisions:

1.  A request to allow middle level students who take Regents exams to not have to take grade level exams in math and science was APPROVED.                                                       

2.  A request to not hold schools accountable for the performance in ELA of newly arrived ELLs until they have been in attendance for two administrations of the ELA exam was DENIED.

3.  The request to allow students with severe disabilities to take an instructional level exam in ELA or math rather than the grade level examination was DENIED.

The tentative timeline for implementation of the plan is included on Slide 18.

·         Regents members were provided with an update from the Health Education Advisory Council.  The committee anticipates presenting an amendment for adoption at the May BOR meeting which will require that health education curricula include instruction in the area of mental health.  If adopted, this amendment would take effect for the 2018-19 school year.

·         Assistant Commissioner Angelica Infante Green updated the Board on the work that is being done to expand the use of effective Cultural Responsiveness practices in schools across the state.  The Department is in the process of forming an advisory group to guide the development of this work and gather materials and resources for both educators and parents.

·         The State Aid Subcommittee updated Regents members on how the Governor’s proposed Executive Budget compares to the budget proposal submitted by the Board of Regents.  Very specific data was provided which breaks down the gaps between the two proposals as the legislature prepares to enter into the next phase of negotiations with the Governor.

·          The Higher Education Committee proposed an amendment to expand eligibility for teacher certification candidates to take advantage of teacher certification exam safety nets.  The proposed amendment will also extend the safety net to the mathematics portion of the Multi-Subject Grade 7-12 Content Specialty Test.  It is anticipated that the amendment will be adopted at the May 2018 meeting.

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