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The Supreme Court issued its expected decision in the case of Janus v. AFSCME. As anticipated, the Supreme Court once again ruled in the favor of corporate interests when it overturned established precedent and invalidated agency shop fees in an effort to weaken public sector unions.  The ruling means that anyone who opts out of membership in their local association cannot be charged their fair share of the cost associated with the procurement or protection of their salaries, benefits, and union services afforded to them.  However, the majority decision cited with approval laws such as the recently enacted changes to New York’s Taylor Law, which allow unions to provide essentially no services to non-members. New York’s commitment to preserving unionization and worker’s rights can be seen in the Governor’s op-ed published in the New York Daily News.>

The Supreme Court decision comes as no surprise, but now more than ever it is imperative that New York, as the largest and strongest union state in the nation, continues to lead the way in protecting and advancing worker’s rights and benefits.  We must do our part to show the nation that New York is and will always remain union strong!

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