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On Friday, October 4th, the Governor signed CAS tenure legislation.  This law now extends to administrators what is commonly referred to as “traveling tenure,” whereby teachers who were tenured in one district or teaching area serve a shortened tenure period in a new district or teaching area. The CAS legislation now extends “traveling tenure” to tenured public school administrators who begin their new probationary period in a new administrative position on or after June 1, 2020 (within the same or different school district). These administrators will now only have to serve a three-year probationary period rather than four.

Bob Ungar, our lobbyist, and Tony Laurino, our Legislative Liaison, developed the bill and have worked with the state Assembly and Senate for over three years encouraging its adoption into law. The extension of this benefit to administrators is a direct result of Tony and Bob’s hard work and dedication and will be a benefit enjoyed by many administrators for years to come.

We are grateful to all our members who have supported our CAS/PAC.  Without your help, the road to passage and the Governor’s signature could not have come about.  There is still much to be done.

This year we will oppose the legalization of marijuana; including home schooled students in interscholastic sports, and increasing the number of charter schools.

We will also advocate for an increase in spending for students with disabilities.

We suggest a $50.00 donation from each member for CAS/PAC. Contributions can be accomplished with the dues deduction form attached or via PayPal through our website by following this link:

CAS- PAC Payroll Deduction


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