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The Council of Administrators and Supervisors (CAS) is sponsoring educational sessions for all units and union leaders concerning the pending Supreme Court case Janus v. AFCME.  The sessions will be held at 8:00 am and 4:00 pm on Thursday, March 22nd at the Four Points by Sheraton Melville, 333 S. Service Road, Plainview, NY.  The presentations will focus on the history and potential impact of Janus on public sector unions as well as offer strategies on how to build a stronger, more participatory and transformational unit in the post-Janus era.
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The likely outcome of Janus v. AFCSME is that the entire nation becomes “right to work.” However, the systematic and orchestrated attack on public sector employees will not end with the decision in Janus.  The corporate interests that are financially backing this Supreme Court case will move quickly to capitalize on the likely decision by initiating a campaign to encourage union withdrawal. This will then be followed by lobbying efforts in Albany to weaken public sector union’s protections such as Triborough and tenure for principals. With the end goal being similar to Act 10 of Wisconsin that eliminated collective bargaining for public sector employees.

Rest assured, if we voluntarily give up our rights, these actions will certainly be taken and we will experience the same fate as administrators and teachers in Wisconsin. Here is what happened to teachers in Wisconsin after they lost their unions.

CAS believes that in order for teacher and administrator units to remain strong members must be fully engaged and informed about the potential impact on salaries, benefits, job protections and working conditions.

As full-time administrators, you already have a “full plate”, and with the role and responsibilities of a unit president potentially changing dramatically as a result of Janus; CAS wants to assure each unit president that we will provide as much direct and personal assistance as possible to help you in your union leadership role. CAS truly thanks you for your willingness to serve as a union leader and we will support you in every way we possibly can.

We hope many of you and additional representatives from your unit can attend one of these important educational sessions.

Below my signature is a link to informational material that CAS has put together entitled The Value of Union Membership.” We encourage each unit president to take a moment to look at the material and discuss with their association the value of remaining strong and united!!

Unit presidents can register by either filling out the Google form or contacting the office below.

As always, if you or your unit would like any further information or assistance, please never hesitate to contact the office. I look forward to seeing you at one of the two sessions on March 22nd.

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