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The Department of Labor has issued guidance on eligibility for federal sick leave for employees who decide to educate their children from home.  When the school is fully closed or engaging entirely in distance learning workers may be entitled to partial paid leave under FFCRA or Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA), if they cannot perform their jobs at home. However, when the employee’s school provides the option to either have the child report in or partake in distance learning the school isn’t considered closed and the employee in that instance would not be entitled to federal sick leave.

Family leave is reserved for situations in which the school is either conducting all of its classes via distance learning or is taking a hybrid approach of requiring students to alternate between attending class in and person and virtually. Be aware that the benefits under this law do not pay what the member may actually earn on a daily basis.  For further information related to FFCRA please see on the Wage and Hour Division’s release of questions and answers.

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