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In the 1950’s and early 60’s teachers fought long and hard to unionize for better working conditions and fair wages.  It took strikes and the breakup of many longtime friends to win the fight.

Educators finally had a place at the table to negotiate a contract.  Eventually the Triborough discussion was passed.

On Tuesday, November 7th the voters in New York State will decide whether or not to have a Constitutional Convention.  Should they vote YES many of our long fought rights will be eliminated.  Special inter3st, money groups, are spending millions to promote a Yes vote.  The cost of a Con-Con is over 300 million dollars.  That’s 300 million dollars from next year’s budget.  How much of that 300 million dollars from the Education budget?

It is important that we urge our friends, relatives and co-workers to vote NO for a Constitutional Convention.  Remind everyone that the proposition is on the BACK of the Ballot.

Thank you,
Tony Laurino
Legislative Liaison

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